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SUE AA “Great Silk Road” of National Company “Uzbektourism”

Welcomes You! And offers its services in organizing of presentations, seminars, briefings, round table discussions and press-conferences.

SUE AA “Great Silk Road” National Company “Uzbektourism” is the organizer of the  biggest international touristic fairs TITF and UITF in Central-Asian region and Uzbekistan, which was established  in 2004. It organizes the participation of the Uzbek delegations on international exhibitions. Besides it provides for its partners all necessary services on the organization of promotion advertising campaigns, seminars, presentations, press-conferences, round table discussions and briefings in Uzbekistan.

An extensive customer base, reasonable prices and also business cooperation with the media of Uzbekistan which could be the reason of successful organizing of any events in any directions at a high level! The basic activity of the agency is well-educated governor, rationally planned production and rich creativity which helps SUE AA “Great Silk Road” to become an example of flexibility in its direction.

The main idea of the advertising agency is an offer of a wide variety of services in the field of marketing communications in building and maintaining permanent relations with customers and partners.

Our agency offers the following types of services:

•    Organizing of conferences, exhibitions, briefings, presentations, seminars, press-conferences, round tables discussions, B2B meetings, business meetings in form of “workshop”, different promotions and trial info tours;

•    Advertising design printed products, style development, logotype, information banners, broadsheets, badges, certificates, invitations cards etc.
•    Creation and making presentations of companies (by information provided)

The organization of international events:

•    Arrival and departure of delegations, hotels  booking, submitting of transfers,  visa support (if necessary), visit of delegations programming, arrangement of excursion and trials projects

•    Provision of price lists to conference halls of hotels and essential additional equipment;

•    Organizing of photo and video services of an event and advertising articles

•    Organizing of coffee break, buffet, banquet, business lunches;

•    Invitation of journalists and representatives of media of Uzbekistan for an event

•    Providing with souvenirs and transfer products for participants of an event  


•    Confidentiality

•    Equal cooperation  in the interests of the client

•    Operational execution of the order

•    Professional and individual approach to demand

•    Free consultations on all issues

If you are interested in our offer you only need to indicate the form of the event, and specify the necessary items in the list of our services, and to make suggestions in order to develop an individual approach and price.

Phone   (998741) 233-11-68, 233-33-69

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Coordinator of corporative clients –phone (99890) 345-70-75

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На МУТВ прошла презентация на тему: "Туристический потенциал Кыргызской Республики"

В ходе презентации специалистам узбекского туристического рынка было рассказано об особенностях отдыха в Кыргызстане, была предоставлена информация об интересных туристических направлениях, визе, гастрономии, проживании и особенностях отдыха в стране.


Андижанская область - регион - партнер МУТВ - 2017.

На стенде Андижанской области была проведена презентация с дегустацией национальных блюд и напитков региона, проходили выступления творческих коллективов региона.



13 апреля в рамках МУТВ 2017 прошла презентация «Итальянский калейдоскоп» - от организации Enit Moscow.



В рамках Международной узбекской туристической выставки стартовало грандиозное гастрономическое событие - Tashkent Food Festival. Фестиваль организован при поддержке Центра продвижения национального туристского продукта, Министерства культуры Республики Узбекистан, хокимията города Ташкента...


Первый день выставки МУТВ 2017

Состоялось торжественное открытие 5 юбилейной международной туристической выставки «Мир отдыха» -2017 . На церемонии присутствовали гости и участники из Узбекистана и других стран, а так же представители дипломатического корпуса. Важным...